Noah’s Ark

il_fullxfull.343000554The first people of God’s creation, Adam and Eve, had children and their children had children and so on until the land was filled with people.

People began to become meaner and harsher to one another but worst of all they forgot about God altogether.    God could not accept their sins any longer and wanted to destroy all of humanity because of their disobedience.

But there was only one righteous man who loved God named Noah and his wife.   God had mercy on Noah and one day told Noah of His plan.   God told Noah “I will bring a great flood on the land and every man, beast and animal will be destroyed for their inequities have reached up to heaven.   But you Noah, is a righteous man I will save you and your family.”  And God instructed Noah to build a large ark and gave him directions to build it. 

And Noah obeyed God and began his construction of the Ark.  He also began to preach to everyone to return to God and stop their evil ways, but no one listened.  Instead they made fun of Noah Teasing him and mocking his work and telling him how silly it was to be building such a large ark.  No one believed what Noah was telling them.  But Noah continued to build the Ark with his three sons as God has instructed him and he continued to invite anyone who believed into the Ark to be saved, but no one listened.

Once the Ark was complete, God instructed Noah to gather 2 two of every animal, male and female, into the Ark.   So they came from every direction, two by two, they entered the Ark.   Birds of every kind, Lions, Elephants, Zebras, Giraffes, and many others, they all filled the Ark.   Then God told Noah to enter the Ark with his wife, his three sons and their wives and He closed the entry to the Ark for soon it will begin raining.

And it rained, and rained, all day and night for 40 days it continued to rain.   The Ark began to float and it saved everyone in it, but every man and beast that was not in the Ark began to beg to be saved but it was too late, they all drowned because the rain filled the entire Earth and there was no dry land to take shelter.

Then Finally, the rain stopped and the sun came out, Noah could not see any dry land, not even the mountain tops.  So Noah sent out a raven to see if there is dry land, but it did not find land.   So Noah sent out a dove and it returned because it could not find dry land to build its nest.    After waiting a few more days, Noah sent out another Dove,  this time the dove returned with an olive branch in its mouth.  So Noah knew it will soon be time to get out.

The Ark landed on dry land, then Noah, his family, and all the animals came out of the Ark.   The first thing Noah did when he got out was to build an altar to worship God.  So he was so thankful that the Lord had protected him and his family.   He looked up into the sky and saw a beautiful rainbow and heard the voice of God speaking to him.  God told Noah that the rainbow was a promise that He would NEVER again destroy the whole earth with a flood.

Remember to always obey God even when others think its silly.