Explanation of Icons

The Altar is really the Tomb of Christ, and the Tablitho or Altar-Stone speaks of the Sacred Cross.   The Altar Covering, which is of linen, reminds us of the burial wrappings of the Savior.  The adornment of the Altar with finely wrought vessels suggests to us that we should adorn our souls with every spiritual virtue.

The Sanctuary is to remind us of Heaven, while the steps to the Altar speak of the ascending ranks of the Angels

The curtain before the Altar and the Sanctuary is a token of the veil that stands between us and the heavenly host.

The Censer is used to spread the aroma of the Frankincense representing the blessed aroma of heaven to banish sin and evil.

ICONS – Are pictures found in the sanctuary as a reminder and a source of inspiration of the faithful

The Chalice is the cup for the consecrated wine of the Eucharist and the Paten is used to hold the host during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist or Holy Communion.  Jesus introduced the Holy Eucharist during the last testament, the Bread stand for the Body of Christ and the Wine for His precious Blood.

The Shushafo is the Chalice Veil used to cover the Elements and the two small coverings for the Chalice and the Paten, besides recalling the stone before Christ’s tomb, they represent the fact that the Divine Mysteries are hidden from the understanding of men, and that we cannot comprehend how divinity and humanity are united in Christ, the Divine Word, just as we cannot perceive how the bread and the wine become the flesh and blood of Christ our God.

The two fans speak of the six winged Seraphim, proclaiming “Holy, Holy, Holy”.  The deacons represent the Angels, and for this reason they wear white surplices and Stoles standing for the Angels’ wings. When shaken, the shakers represent the fluttering Of the wings of the angels in Heaven.

The hanging lamps and candles stand for spiritual luminaries which in turn are the Angels and the Saints and for the illumination of  our souls by the Holy Spirit.

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