Church Feasts (Holidays)

The following lists some of the major church holidays.   Next to each holiday below is the Syriac translation, click on that word to learn more about that holiday.

Annunciation Suboro Announcement by the arch angel Gabriel to Mary about the virgin birth
Christmas Mawludo The birth of Jesus Christ
Presentation Ma alto When Jesus was first  presented at the temple at 8 days old to St. Simeon
Epiphany Denho Baptism of Jesus Christ
Transfiguration Mtale Appearing of Jesus to 3 of His disciples in His full Glory
Holy Week:
          Palm Sunday Ushane’ Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem before the Passover
          Maundy Thursday Phesaho also known as Thursday of Passion, Last Supper, Washing of the feet
          Good Friday arubto d-hasho Crucifixion and death of Jesus
          Easter Sunday qyomto Resurrection of Jesus


Ascension Suloqo Jesus’ rise into heaven
Holy Cross Day Sleebo Exaltation of the cross of Jesus