The mantra of our immigrant faithful who came to America in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s was to secure a future for our faithful as they began to establish our first church. To have a future they understood the upmost importance of instilling the seeds of faith to God and our Orthodox beliefs to the children and through the Sunday school could this vision be realized.

The beginning of Sunday school took many years to become a reality but our parishioners did sow the seeds in our first church in West New York and their efforts blossomed since then. Sunday school gives the children food for spiritual growth and the tools to live a spiritual life.

A vital part of our Sunday school is the faithful, committed, devoted and dedicated Sunday school teachers. The teachers are God’s servants who have the awesome responsibility of instructing His children through studying the Bible, His living holy word and give knowledge and enlightenment about our Syriac Orthodox faith.

Our Sunday School has an annual program comprising the Bible and our faith through our weekly lesson plans. We have six grade levels from Kindergarten to senior class (6th.,7th.), young teen Bible study (13-16) and young adult bible study. Our students thrive in a structured loving environment with teachers and parents working together for their spiritual growth. We stress the power of prayer and to spread God’s love through many charitable events throughout the year. Our children learn how to live a Christian life by the examples of their teachers and by their own Christian acts of love to one another.

Our Unified Archdiocese Sunday school Organization created a lesson plan curriculum incorporating the holy bible teachings, our Holy Liturgy and doctrine of the Syriac beliefs and traditions.

Our strength and our future is in unity and our mission to touch little souls and hearts, one at a time, becomes a reality through our common bond of our Christian/Syriac faith. We have travelled a long journey and our vision of growth, through our children, has come to fruition with our viable and blessed Sunday school protecting, guiding and instructing them towards our Lord, Jesus Christ. We have received His mercy and grace to continue into the future as we hold His hand and walk with Him. Our students and teachers are very blessed by His boundless love.